Solar Water Heating and Cooking

This article is re a subject that I think is totally underutilized in the world and that is solar cartoon – and I’m not talking approximately costly solar panels either. I’m talking roughly about FREE solar heat. I can’t publicize you how many emails I get conformity of from people complaining just nearly their high vivaciousness bills. Someone emailed me a couple of weeks ago and said they were thinking very about switching from natural gas water heating to electric water heating (they had a vivid floor heating system). That was a “first” for me! Natural gas has always been less costly than electric (at least in Georgia anyway). I emailed them auspices uphill and told them they could heat their hot water inexpensively using the sun as I characterize in my book “Electricity – Make it, Don’t Buy it”.

When I was a Boy Scout, a friend of mine and I got weary of taking cool showers at Camp Straughn in Savannah appropriately we approved to receive regarding a tiny “project”… my friend found a big aluminum tank somewhere and all we did was mount the tank regarding a stand just about 4 feet off the arena. This is required for the thermosiphon effect to understand place as described in the wedding album. The adjacent business we did was construct a to hand frame out of 2×4’s and plywood. If I remember correctly we on your own used one sheet of plywood. We later ran a black hose serpentine style gain and forth horizontally as regards the order of the frame. I know everyone reading this article has turned their garden hose upon after it has been sitting in the sun for a though and noticed how hot the water gets. Down here in the South it will scald you if you’in description to not cautious. One lp less of the hose was related to the right/bottom of the water tank and entered the degrade portion of the frame – this was the frosty water in association. The hot water output side came out of the intensity of the frame and into the left side of the tank. There was with a “chilly water in” origin going into the tank and a “hot water out” heritage coming out of the summit share of the tank (where the hot water rises) and went to the showers.

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That’s all there was to it! The water was hot considering this setup and it frustrated the water absolutely pardon. It was enormously reasonably priced and each and every one one the Scouts and Leaders loved it. Anybody can do this. On Fontana Lake in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll see omnipresent coils of black plastic tubing (and maybe 50 gallon drums) upon pinnacle of the houseboats – that’s their tender water heaters! With a few improvements, you can easily create scalding indulgent water following a system when this. Some improvements could be…

Making the heating pipes or hose longer.

Painting the inside surface of your frame black.

Insulating the outdoor of your frame.

Putting a glass lid upon the frame to trap the sun’s thermal moving picture inside the frame sort of following a solar oven.

Insulating your input & output hoses.

Set occurring some solar reflectors to channel more rays into your frame.

Insulate your holding tank.

Feed the hot water from your holding tank into your existing hot water heater as a result you always have hot water even upon cloudy days.

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