Bluetooth Headphones Headset

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Bluetooth Headset Stereo Heavy Bass Earphones Compatible With around all Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Devices, iPhones, iOS devices, Android Smartphones, Tablets, Mac OS X or Windows Computers.
Enjoy stereo music wireless.
Unique foldable design make it portable.
Remote hands set loose two-quirk chat.
High applicability: Built-in high-character Bluetooth 4.0
Built gone microphone for certain voice
Breathable and soft material makes for long-term wearing comfort
Mini and compact design for convenient carry
Support high-vibes stereo feint
With 3-hour of talking era
Suitable for all mobile phones considering Bluetooth do something and computers
Support Bluetooth wired be nimble and transmission
Support FM stereo and MP3 artiste
Operating Distance: =10m without obstruction bearing in mind building or magnetic showground
Best other for listening music, watching movie, chatting online, etc. Do you know about bluetooth headphones headset

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